HowFit is a new fitness plan designed to help members of the public get fit in their own homes.

HowFit encourages users of any ability, from chair based to fairly fit, to undertake a plan of simple exercises that can be carried out at home without the need for any special equipment.

Consultant Physician Dr Steve Parry said: “Being at home for a long time during the Covid-19 pandemic means that few of us have been getting the exercise that we used to. Even before the Covid-19 virus hit, not enough of us were getting the exercise we needed to stay as fit as possible. “

“Regular exercise carries a number of important benefits, which have never been more important than during the pandemic. However, I realised that there are very few exercise programmes for people to carry out in their own home and even fewer that are suitable for people who are unfit or who have difficulty mobilising. Individuals can choose the level that best suits their level of fitness and create their own plan.”

“HowFit has been designed to include exercises of varying difficulties, meaning that it is suitable for adults of any age, whether you currently exercise or not and without the need for any special equipment. The accompanying website has videos to show you how to do the exercises too.”

HowFit has been designed in conjunction with a personal trainer and professional physiotherapists to include exercises of varying difficulties. The plan provides the user with a range of exercises divided into four categories – 1. mobility, 2. strength, 3. cardiovascular health and 4. stability, balance and co-ordination – with videos and animations on the website to demonstrate how the exercise is carried out.

More information can be found on the HowFit website at