My Medicines, My Health

Green Medicine Bag

NHS campaign ‘My Medicines, My Health’ encourages North Tyneside patients to stay in control of their health by knowing their own medicines

We are supporting a campaign aimed at helping older patients to better understand their medicines, improve how well they take their medicine, which helps to manage their health condition and feel better for it.

Targeting North Tyneside patients over 60 years old with long term medical conditions, ‘My Medicines, My Health’ urges people to value the medicine they have been prescribed for their health condition by keeping them safe together in one place and in one bag – and take them with them for key medical appointments such as visits to hospital.

The campaign introduces the idea of a Green Medicine Bag as a key way of doing this – although any bag or container would do as long as medicines are kept together in one easy place.

The campaign focuses on helping older people who might have several long term health issues, therefore on several medicines at once.

We all know that we want to stay healthy so we can carry on doing the things we enjoy in life. To stay healthy, it is important that you take all your medicines in the right way and at the right time.

If you are over 60 and have long-term health conditions, you probably take a lot of different medicines, both prescribed and otherwise. We understand that keeping up with them as they often change, especially when you visit the doctor, have a hospital admission or even visit the pharmacy, can sometimes be challenging.

To help you keep all your medicines together in one place and keep on top of what medicines you are actually taking, we are now encouraging all patients over 60 in the region to use a Green Medicine Bag, or simply one bag or a container – and keep them safe in one place.”

Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists can tell a lot about you by seeing the medicines you are actually taking, including any you may buy from a supermarket, pharmacy or herbal shop and take regularly. This helps us understand how to treat you and make sure you are getting the most out of your medicine.

Get into the habit of using a bag like the Green Medicine Bag. Tell family members and anyone who cares for you where you keep it, so it can easily be found in an emergency.

To find out more and order your Green Medicine Bag visit and on Twitter @NHSmymedicines.