Our commitment to carers

The 2011 census identified 22,208 adult carers in North Tyneside and highlighted a 19% increase in the number of people who are caring for more than 20 hours.

Caring also has an impact on carers health and wellbeing and their ability to have a life alongside caring.

We are committed to working with North Tyneside Council and The Carers Centre to maximise the  health and wellbeing of North Tyneside communities.

This includes developing long term commissioning plans for the local population that demonstrated how services will in the future focus on health and wellbeing and not just treating ill health, but involving carers as part of this process. We work in partnership with the health and social care department within the local authority. The Carers Centre to help deliver the improvements for health outcomes for the local population.

The Carers Centre is based in North Tyneside.

What support do they provide?

The North Tyneside Carers’ Centre recognises the impact caring can have on your own health and wellbeing. They provide a confidential support service, individually tailored to meet carers needs. This support includes:

  • Understanding your rights as a carer
  • Information, advice and guidance on any issue which is impacting on your caring role
  • Advocacy support to ensure your voice is heard
  • Peer support and access to emotional support
  • Training to help you care with confidence