NHS England and carers

Carers play an important role within the community. Without them the health care system would not be able to function. There are thousands of people who have care needs, whether it is a young carer or an older carer. We know that most of the work that carers do are not always recognised.

NHS England has renewed its commitment to improving the quality of life for the country’s hidden army of young and adult carers.

Around 5.5 million unpaid carers in England make a critical contribution not only to families, neighbours and friends, but to the overall sustainability of the NHS.  To make this contribution, carers often make great sacrifices to support the people they look after.

NHS England has recently launched Commissioning for Carers: Principles and Resources to Support Young and Adult Carers. The input from carers in North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group and joint working with North Tyneside Council and the Carers Centre will help deliver actions as part of future commissioning intentions. The Five Year Forward View is a document which is the national driver for reforming healthcare and delivering improvements in the way we currently deliver services for carers.

The NHS Five Year Forward View commits the NHS to find new ways to support carers, to build on the new rights created by the Care Act and to help the most vulnerable carers – the approximately 225,000 young carers and the 110,000 carers who are aged over 85.

NHS England has identified the following ten principles to that will help commissioners to deliver the care  and support they require

The principles are:

  1. Think Carer, Think Family; Make Every Contact Count
  2. Support what works for carers, share and learn from others
  3. Right care, right time, right place for carers
  4. Measure what matters to carers
  5. Support for carers depends on partnership working
  6. Leadership for carers at all levels
  7. Train staff to identify and support carers
  8. Prioritise carers’ health and wellbeing
  9. Invest in carers to sustain and save
  10. Support carers to access local resources