Carers' champions

Carer’s champions are people with a desire to improve the quality of life of carers. They are willing to work together and use their influence to stand up for the interests of carers. They will support carers to have a voice and also ensure they have access to information about services and support that is available.

Our Carer’s Champions are:

Dr Lesley Young-Murphy
Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director of Nursing & Transformation

Lesley Young-Murphy


Eleanor Hayward
Lay Member (Patient and Public Involvement)

Eleanor Hayward, Lay Member


To sign up or find out more about Carer’s Champions, contact North Tyneside Carers Centre:

Telephone: 0191 643 2298

e mail:


North Tyneside Council

North Tyneside Council support carers who may be able to qualify for financial support.

A carer’s assessment considers the needs as a carer.

Contact Care & Connect a community based advice and support serviceĀ 0191 643 7474 or email care&