Urgent care review update

Thu 15th June 2017

Over the past two years, the CCG has been working to review and make changes to urgent care services in North Tyneside. This has taken place in recognition that we cannot afford to continue to commission urgent care services in their current form, as the existing services are confusing for patients and do not make best use of NHS funding.

Following a decision at the CCG’s Governing Body in October, we started a formal procurement process in January, for a single, 24/7 integrated service for the whole of North Tyneside. The consultation showed an overall preference for Rake Lane as a location for the new service, so the CCG agreed that if it did not prove possible to competitively tender for a new service at Rake Lane, then it would invite providers to suggest suitable alternative sites for the new centre.

The CCG did not receive any challenges during the 10-day ‘standstill’ period which forms part of the procurement process. This period exists to give organisations the opportunity to challenge any aspect of the procurement process in a timely way.

Unfortunately, prior to signing the contract with the preferred provider, the CCG has received a legal challenge from Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. As a result, we are unable to proceed with signing the contract or announcing the successful bidder at this time.

We are confident that we have followed procedures correctly, and we are doing everything we can to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we would like to reassure patients that we will ensure that there is continuity of care, and there will not be any break in service as a result of this issue.

We will continue to provide updates as this situation progresses.