Tell us your experience of local NHS care

Mon 30th December 2013

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We are inviting local patients to take part in a project to collect information about how local health services are working for patients.

Collecting information about how people feel about their experiences has been used in other situations to highlight areas where improvements might be needed as well as celebrate the good healthcare being received by local people and delivered by local NHS staff.

We will look at the information received to identify any themes or areas where improvements can be made to services.

We want you to describe an experience or event that happened during a contact they have had with health services within the last two years – it might be something you liked or something that didn’t work so well for you or for someone else you know.

You can describe something that happened in any healthcare setting – for example, in general practice (GP), in an emergency care situation where very fast access to healthcare was needed, in a hospital as a patient or when attending an outpatient clinic, pharmacy, at the dentist or optometrist (eye care), at home or in a clinic in the community – in fact anywhere there has been contact with healthcare services.

This is anonymous feedback only – your name, or the names of others involved in the care experience will not be recorded. All information is confidential.

Give your experiences here.