NHS body in North Tyneside celebrates its second year

Wed 24th June 2015

The annual public meeting was held on 23 June 2015 at the Langdale Centre, Wallsend to mark NHS North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) second year of operation.

The CCG’s Chair, Dr John Matthews, opened the meeting by outlining some of the successes the organisation has achieved so far. “Despite the challenging financial climate, I’m pleased to say that feedback from key partners shows that we have the right priorities and plans in place to deliver high quality NHS healthcare across the borough into the future.

“We are also performing well against all our targets in the NHS constitution. Our challenge for the future is to ensure that people in the borough can rely on the best possible healthcare by working with our partners and using the best resources available.”

Dr Martin Wright, medical director, continued by reviewing the service improvements that the CCG has undertaken: “We have already developed a strong reputation in a number of areas such as increasing the dementia diagnosis by 9% and creating a new pathway for paediatric care at the Specialist Emergency Care Hospital. 

“One of these is the important and sensitive issue of end of life care, where we have made real progress in that over 85% of people- are now able to make the choice to die in their homes. This is what people overwhelmingly prefer, and well above the national average.”

Dr Matthews set out the CCG’s key priorities for the future: “Simply put, our plans for the future are to maintain quality, to deliver our financial recovery plan, and to develop and improve services to ensure that they are right for our patients in the future.”

The meeting came to a close with members of the public having an opportunity to ask any questions about what they had heard.

The summary of the CCG’s annual report is available here or you can watch the video here.