Additional VCS Grant Scheme Funding in 2021/22

North Tyneside CCG is delighted to announce it will increase VCS Grant Scheme funding by £80,000 in 2021/22 so it can continue to fund four of its existing small grant projects for another year.


The organisations that will benefit from this additional funding are Acorns, Family Gateway, North Tyneside Art Studio and Walking With in North Tyneside.


All of the VCS Grant organisations have worked extremely hard over the last year and have dealt admirably with the challenges of the pandemic in order to continue to deliver services to the residents of North Tyneside in new and innovative ways.


This £80,000 is in addition to the existing large grant funding of £245,517 for this year and takes the total investment in the VCS Grant Scheme in 2021/22 to £325,516.

Further information about the VCS Grant Scheme projects can be found here