COVID vaccinators in North Tyneside donate wages to support international water hygiene effort

Thu 28th January 2021

Doctors and Nurses providing COVID vaccines to patients in North Tyneside are also supporting another important cause – the work of an international charity aiming to improve water hygiene.

So far, clinicians have raised over £8,000 which includes donating some of their wages from working in the North West North Tyneside Primary Care Network (PCN) vaccination centres.

Dr James Lunn, a GP and clinical director of the PCN said: “Whilst we clamour for COVID vaccinations, some people today have gone without water or sanitation.

“Whilst we have waited weeks for a vaccine some people have waited a lifetime for safe water and sanitation. Where’s the fairness in that?

“Although we can’t change the world, our PCN’s practices are committed to make a difference not only to those in North East England but those less fortunate in the world.

“Clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene should be a normal part of everyone’s daily life. Without all three, people can’t live dignified, healthy lives. With all three, they can unlock their potential, break free from poverty and change their lives for good.

“We have setup a Just Giving page and anything you can give before 4 February 2021 will be doubled by the UK government, up to £2 million, making double the difference in climate-vulnerable communities.

“For every vaccine we give, we hope we give the chance of clean water and safe sanitation to those less fortunate than us.”

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