Compliments & complaints

The NHS North of England Commissioning Support (NECS) manages complaints on behalf of our area.

You can submit your complaint to the address below:

Complaints Team
North of England Commissioning Support Unit
John Snow House
University Science Park

0191 374 4218

Alternatively, you can download a complaint form using the link below and return it to the NECS Complaints Team who will arrange for the responsible organisation to respond to your concerns.


If you write directly to the us, we will log your complaint and forward to NECS.

If you need help to submit your complaint or to talk through the complaint process, you can contact the services below for support:

  • Independent Complaints Advocacy (ICA) – Carers Federation – provides complaints advocacy support either via telephone on 0808 802 3000 or via email at
  • Healthwatch – is an organisation set up to get your opinion and find out what matters to you to help make sure your views shape the support you need. Local Healthwatch provides information about access to services and choices available to help people by taking more control of their own health, treatment and care.

For more information go to your local Healthwatch website:

Where a complaint relates to the ICB, NECS will arrange for this to be investigated and will support the ICB in responding to you.

If you remain unhappy after your complaint has been addressed you may ask the Ombudsman to review your complaint, as below:

Millbank Tower

0345 015 4033


To find out more about the NHS complaints procedure please visit the NHS Choices website via:

The below leaflet also provides information about the complaints process.  Alternatively, if you wish to speak to the NECS Complaints Team, please call 0191 374 4218.

Complaints information leaflet

Complaint process flowchat