Campaign success is in the bag

Thu 27th March 2014

Green Medicine Bag

A NHS campaign to help older people in North Tyneside better manage their medicines has been hailed a success.

Targeting patients over 60 years old with long term medical conditions, the ‘My Medicines, My Health’ campaign encourages people to value the medicine they have been prescribed for their health condition by keeping them safe together in one place and in one bag or a container – and taking them with them for key medical appointments such as visits to hospital.

The campaign introduces the idea of a Green Medicine Bag as a key way of doing this – although any bag would do as long as medicines are kept together in one  place.

Since the campaign was launched six weeks ago, more than 1,000 green bags have been requested by individuals across the North East.

Dr Martin Wright, Medical Director at NHS North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group – the body which plans and buys healthcare and health services for North Tyneside  – said: “This campaign has been effective in underlining the importance of keeping medicines together in one bag or container. It’s especially important for older people with long term health conditions who may be taking several different medicines at once.”

He added: “We’re delighted that so many people have embraced the idea of the Green Medicine Bag but any container is fine as long as people keep their medicines all together and remember to take them with them when they visit their doctor or pharmacist or go into hospital.

“Because some medicines can interact, it’s very important that all your prescribed and non-prescribed medicines are in one place so that medical staff can see what you are taking.

“Get into the habit of using a bag like the Green Medicine Bag. Tell family members and anyone who cares for you where you keep it, so it can easily be found in an emergency.”

The My Medicines, My Health campaign has been funded by North Tyneside CCG in partnership with other NHS organisations in the North East.