21,000 extra GP appointments a year for North Tyneside residents

Wed 12th August 2020

GPs across North Tyneside are leading the way in a digital evolution by offering patients additional access to online consultations and health care advice.

More than 222,000 patients across North Tyneside are now able to seek medical help and advice online by using an innovative new app from Livi to access digital consultations.

The new Livi app is available to download from the App Store or Google Play, enables patients across North Tyneside to request an online video appointment with a GP, seven days a week including early mornings, evenings and weekends.

The partnership with Livi, Europe’s largest digital healthcare provider, is the first of its kind across the NHS and brings together health commissioners, GP practices and a digital company to benefit patients.

Clinical Chair of NHS North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Dr Richard Scott, said:

“We continuously look to deliver the best possible service to our patients in North Tyneside.”

“As a CCG we are focused on effective and efficient services which will benefit our community and improve health outcomes for the residents of North Tyneside”

“That’s why we’re very excited to announce our new partnership with Livi, which adds an innovative new way for people to access an NHS GP at the click of a button.”

This will deliver an estimated 21,000 extra GP appointments per year which is in addition to the existing GP appointments delivered by your local GP practice who continue to provide, face to face appointments, telephone and video consultations”

 Managing Director of Livi, Juliet Bauer, added:

“At the heart of this partnership is patient choice.”

“Hundreds of thousands of people across North Tyneside can now enjoy faster, easier and more convenient access to GP appointments without having to leave their homes – but the option of going to a surgery to see a GP is still there, as it was before.”

“Crucially, it adds extra capacity to the system and supports the NHS in delivering world-leading care, while keeping patients and clinicians safe. This direct arrangement with NHS North Tyneside CCG is a first for Livi and we hope to be able to replicate it in other areas of the UK in due course.”

Executive Nurse & Chief Operating Officer Dr Lesley Young-Murphy, said

“This service development compliments North Tyneside’s existing GP service provision and patients will remain on their GP practice list. The “LIVI GP’s” will access and record patients’ consultations in the same GP record as their own GP, ensuring continuity of care provision. Patients can also use the app to access medical advice, referrals and prescriptions.”

“We will work closely with Healthwatch, local patient groups, GPs and Livi to evaluate the impact of this partnership on the quality of care provision and patient outcomes in North Tyneside.”

Judy Scott, Chair of Healthwatch North Tyneside, said

“Our recent research has shown that access to GPs can be difficult for people balancing a busy working and family life. These people told us that appointments being available earlier in the morning and later in evenings would be really helpful and many would be happy to use digital technology if appropriate to their needs. Having Livi available in North Tyneside is one way of helping people get the care they need and extending access”.

Susan Dawson, who is a member of the North Tyneside Patient Forum, said

“The partnership between North Tyneside CCG and Livi will give patients more choice in how they can access a GP appointment – at a time and place to suit them.”

“As a member of North Tyneside’s Patient Forum, we know that patients rightly need their healthcare to be quick, accessible and convenient and we’re happy that this partnership will help achieve that.”

Further details on Livi are available on practice websites or at: